Here at Flynn BMW, we want you to understand exactly why certain maintenance tasks are undertaken for your car. Most of us understand out cars use the oil regularly and the filters oil passes through can become clogged. What we think about less are the reasons why our brake fluid needs to be changed every one to two years.

Brake fluid is created to have a high boiling point that means it does not evaporate when our brakes get hot from being used in Pittsfield, MA. However, brake fluids are hygroscopic, which means they absorb water from the atmosphere. When water is absorbed it can lower the boiling point of brake fluid and make it difficult for your brakes to work. When water boils it forms a gas that sits in your brake fluid as bubbles that use the force of your brake pedal to push through. If you do not change your brake fluid when recommended you will find yourself struggling to slow down because your brakes are simply pushing through the gas bubbles in your brake fluid.

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