Have you seen the number of cars with all-wheel drive coming out lately? While front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive used to be the two main types of drivetrain configurations, you can now opt for customizable drivetrains such as xDrive from BMW. This allows you to change up your drivetrain for more fuel efficiency, acceleration power, or towing capacity.

In the older days, front-wheel drive was the most popular option. In an FWD configuration, your car’s transmission shifts power to the front wheels to pull your car as you drive. The opposite occurs in an RWD configuration, which sends power to the rear differential through the driveshaft. This makes it so your car’s wheels push forward, which provides more horsepower for fast acceleration.

Want to see the latest lineup of fuel-efficient FWD cars, or perhaps you are looking for a sports car with a powerful RWD or AWD option? You can check out our lineup online or stop by in Pittsfield at our Flynn BMW location for a fun and convenient test drive experience.

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